10 Must-Have Baby Products For The First Year

10 Must-Have Baby Products For The First Year

10 of my Must-Have Baby Products

As my daughter is nearing her first birthday, I can look back and see what things I truly got the most use out of. Before she was born I was SO overwhelmed by all the things they tell you that you HAVE to have. It’s a lot. I spent most of my pregnancy reading endless blog posts about what you REALLY need that first year for you and your baby. I found blogs like this so helpful and that was my heart behind writing this one. So I truly hope this helps at least one new momma out there!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, meaning that if you chose to purchase from them, I may make a small commission at no extra charge to you. I really appreciate you shopping from my affiliate links and helping support me and my family.

Diaper Bag

I have looooooved this Diaper Bag! It’s so pretty and I get tons of compliments on it. It looks and feels so expensive but it’s actually very reasonably priced. It has lots of pockets but it isn’t huge or bulky. Picking a diaper bag was so stressful for me and this one was actually my backup option believe it or not. But I’m very very happy I decided to go with this one. I will say the ONLY downfall is that I’m not sure it will be big enough whenever for I do decide to have another baby. I’m not 100% sure though, I could be totally wrong and it will still be a great fit. I’ll just have to wait and see! 


A friend recommended this swing to me and we loved it! I remember hearing so many people say “my baby loved their swing” and then the next one saying “my baby HATED the swing!’ I think my girl landed somewhere in the middle. She had quite the love-hate relationship with it. But when she did love it, I was very very thankful we had it!


Baby Monitor

There was only one very important factor to me when it came to a baby monitor… it could NOT connect to our wifi. I have heard way too many horror stories about people hacking into the wifi and then talking to/watching babies through the camera. With that being said, it was actually not an easy task to find a high-quality monitor that *doesn’t* connect to wifi. But I have been really happy with this one. It has over 48,000+ positive reviews on Amazon and I understand why. The camera quality is really good and it has a lot of really great features. I’ve been very pleased with this one. 

Play Mat / Activity Gym

If you decided to buy or put any of these products on your registry, make it this one. I thought it was a totally overhyped product at first, but after seeing how engaged it kept my daughter, I was sold. I even had one of those really pretty, aesthetically pleasing wooden play gyms. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with it lol. It was very boring to her. But she has loved and enjoyed this one since day one. We also have a subscription to their play kits and they’re basically the only toys she plays with. The Lovevery brand in general is fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.


Catcher bibs

These bids are an absolute must. Cloth bids don’t even compare. We tried using the cute cloth bids and it did not last long. These are just so easy to clean and the little pouch that catches food is so helpful. I couldn’t imagine her eating without one now.

Sleep Sack

Once I was done swaddling my baby, we used a sleep sack. Sleep sacks are amazing even if you never swaddled your baby because it’s literally just a blanket they can wear. Plus it’s so much safer than putting a blanket in the crib with them. The Kyte Baby brand is my favorite by far. They’re great quality and so soft. It also has enough weight to it so that your baby feels nice and cozy. It comes in a lot of different colors, sizes, and togs. Togs vary depending on the different temperatures or climates you may live in. I personally only buy the tog in 1.0 because it is the most versatile and since we live in Texas it could be 75 one day and 30 the next.


Sound Machine

I really love the hatch sound machine specifically for a few different reasons. My favorite is that you can control the volume right from your phone through the app. If we ever have guests over or are watching a louder movie after she has gone to bed I can turn the volume up a little more than normal to help block out the extra noise. You can also set different color and sound combinations. So I have different combinations to set the tone for bedtime and one for getting up in the morning and waking up from naps. 

Shopping cart cover

I’ve talked about this cover so many times. I still get stopped almost every time I go shopping and someone sees us using it. Shopping carts are just so gross and even if you clean them off well, you never know when your baby is going to decide they need to see how the cart taste. This is by far one of my favorite baby products.

Diaper Pale

Now diaper pales are one of those things I did not want to get just because you had to buy special bags and all the extra things for it. It all just seemed so expensive. Then I discovered the Ubbi Diaper Pail. It’s awesome because you can use just regular trash bags for it. I was a little afraid it wouldn’t lock in odor very well, but it really does a good job.


Pack n Play

We ended up opting out of getting a regular bassinet and just using a Pack n Play with a bassinet insert. We had the Pack n Play in our room for 4 months while she was still room sharing with us. Bassinets are still fabulous options, but no matter what your baby will grow out of it by 4-5 months old. A Pack n Play will last you at least a few years. For me personally, this was just a way more cost-effective option and made more sense for our lifestyle. Since we travel quite a bit it’s really great to know she had a safe and familiar place to rest anywhere we go.

I also decided to get a mattress for the Pack N Play so that she was a bit more comfortable. The mattress is not a must-have if you decide to get a Pack n Play, but this is what I decided to do since she does still use it so much.

Those are 10 of my Must-Have Baby Products For The First Year!

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