5 Amazon Must-Haves as a First Time Mom

If you follow me on social media you may have seen me post a few times about products I got off of amazon that has been so helpful to me as a mom. Now come to find out, a lot of people haven’t heard of some of the things I’ve talked about! So I thought I’d go a little bit more in-depth here in this blog.


Y’all, when I tell you this was a game-changer for us I’m not exaggerating. My daughter decided at about 2 months old she was no longer interested in the pacifier. That was a sad day because it’s such a nice way for them to self-soothe. I know I know, there are a lot of issues with the attachment to pacifiers and things like that. But there are a lot of times it would have been very helpful.

BUT, Mombella Mushroom to the rescue. It’s a teether for breastfed babies, but I know plenty of bottle-fed babies who love it too. You can wrap it around their tiny hand and they can chew and suck on it without the worry of dropping it. My daughter has been obsessed with it since she was 3 months old. She still uses it at almost a year old now. This would be a great gift for any soon-to-be moms in your life too because it’s so inexpensive.


This car seat hammock is so helpful with your little one is still tiny and hanging out in the car seat. he original one that I have isn’t available on Amazon right now but if it comes back I’ll make sure to link along with this one! This really is so helpful as a first-time mom. One thing I never thought about is how much room a car seat would take up in shopping baskets. I remember one time I was literally stacking groceries on top of my daughter’s car seat because I had run out of room in the cart lol. Being able to put groceries underneath the car seat is so helpful. Plus your baby is able to look around while you get your shopping done.  Like I said this isn’t the exact one I have, but it actually looks a lot nicer!


Once your little one is able to sit up independently and can start sitting in the grocery store cart, this cover is a must! One thing most stores have done better in the past few years (for obvious reasons) is sanitizing their carts. While that’s great, some of those chemicals and using them incorrectly can cause skin irritation, especially on your baby’s sensitive skin. Plus it’s just way more sanitary in general to put a cover where your baby sits in the cart. When my daughter started hardcore teething she used her mouth to explore eeeeeeverything, including the shopping basket. So this really gave me peace of mind. I really love this one specifically because it’s so easy to store in your diaper bag and doesn’t take up as much space as some of the other ones I’ve looked into. It’s machine washable so I throw it in with the rest of my baby’s laundry every week. You can also use it as a high chair cover! 10/10

Four & Five,

Going grocery shopping with my baby has become one of my favorite weekly errands with my little one. But it’s not always easy. One of my tricks to surviving and making it a pleasant experience for us both is SNACKS! These have what’s called a catcher lid so it makes for a mess-free snacking experience. Now I’m linking two different kinds because I have both of them now and like them for different reasons. The one with the single handle I realized was a little hard for her to hold on her own. The one with two handles she seems to be able to handle much easier. Now that she is older she doesn’t struggle with holding either of them. You honestly can’t go wrong with either of them. I’ve really enjoyed this brand and love all the different color options as well.

Those are some of my top Amazon baby must-haves as a first-time mom. These are affiliate links so it does help me when you purchase through them. Let me know what you think! 

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